Good-bye Alabama, hello Indiana ABA center


By Jamie Vandiver

Shortly after my son Camden’s diagnosis, I began checking into different therapies.  Living in a small, rural Alabama town, I quickly found my options and resources were limited, and almost non-existent.  I knew that in order for my son to receive the therapy he desperately needed, my family would have to move out of state.

After discovering Indiana has the necessary mandated insurance laws, I inquired about ABA centers in the state.  I chose Indiana since I have family members living within the state.  Luckily, this is how I learned about Little Star Center. I quickly scheduled a tour. I knew as soon as I completed the tour, it was the place for Camden. So, without hesitation, we packed up and moved 500 miles to Lafayette!

Little Star turned out to be a true blessing!  From the very first day, Little Star went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed. Every morning, as soon as Camden entered the building, he was greeted by his therapist(s) with a big warm “hello”.  Every morning made Camden feel right at home.  It touched my heart to see his eyes light up every morning.  The enthusiasm the staff carries cannot be matched!  I knew they truly cared about my son, and his progress.  They were always delighted to work with my son.  And, the atmosphere was always warm, inviting, and fun.

I liked the fact they included me, as a parent, in meetings.  They worked with me to develop a personal goals plan for Camden.  They also taught me many skills to use at home. I now have the skills needed to help Camden during his most difficult times.  The ABA therapy he received has improved his behavior tremendously.  He acquired many skills needed for everyday living.

Camden truly made great strides during his time at Little Star.  He has since transitioned successfully to a Pre-K program back in Alabama.  We often think about Little Star, and keep in contact with many of his friends and therapists. I can honestly say that Little Star was there for us each step of the way.  Above all, we were blessed to find an ABA center that truly understood the dynamics of our struggles.  They helped turn Camden’s struggles into achievements.  I will always give credit to Little

Star, along with the great people that make up their staff, for giving us hope, and for laying the foundation for Camden to have a better and brighter future!

Thank you Little Star!