A day in the life of

ABA Programs
for Young Children

Ages 18 months to 5 years

The following fictional characters represent the typical experiences of young children and the staff who support them.

Mason’s Future Is Right on Track

Thanks to a team of board-certified experts focused just on him.

Mason and his mom arrived this morning at 8:25 am, and even though it took a little while to settle into the routine today, he and his morning technician Denise are working together by 8:30.

Just like every other young child at the center that day, Mason is receiving one-on-one ABA Therapy from a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). He’s been making progress with communicating with peers and asking for what he wants, and Denise will work with him all the way through morning.

Real Care

Denise is just one of several highly-qualified team members that are focused Mason’s program today.

Real Advocacy

Mason’s mom had a lot of choices when he was diagnosed with ASD, but she chose LittleStar because our non-profit nature keeps us focused entirely on those we serve and their families.

Real Progress

Mason’s having an easier time asking for help, and his mother is relieved that she can rely on him responding to her in public, so he stays safe.

Real Care Comes From the Right Team

Mason Gets His Own
Individualized Program

Mason’s Morning

Denise has a plan when she greets Mason in the morning. It’s one that she, her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Mark, and Clinical Director, Jane, put together based on recent observations of Mason, the goals his family helped set, and what everyone hopes to accomplish in the long term.

But Denise, like every technician at every LittleStar location every day, has the expertise to make the changes Mason needs to maximize his progress.This morning, she quickly assesses Mason and realizes that he has fully retained the things they worked on yesterday, so she moves ahead faster than planned.

His family trusts her and the other experts at LittleStar because they’ve seen the results.

Mason’s Afternoon

Mason works with his afternoon technician before he goes home. He’ll come back tomorrow excited and ready to make more progress. His entire team at LittleStar is optimistic that he’ll hit Kindergarten ready to enroll, initially with the help of a technician, and eventually even on his own.

Life at Home

Mason’s family is starting to get the hang of their routine – Mason’s diagnosis is just a few months old – and they’re enjoying an active role in his development. More and more, they’re realizing that all kinds of communication can be possible and they’re really hopeful of what might be.

Who’s Involved?

  • Denise is the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) that Mason works with in the morning. She understands how to make every hour count by adjusting their plans for the day as soon as she starts working with Mason in the morning.
  • Another Registered Behavior Technician will work with Mason in the afternoon. Every RBT at LittleStar is capable of maximizing progress every day.
  • Jane is the Clinical Director that helped plan Mason’s six-month plan. She helped Denise make a crucial alteration, when Mason demonstrated some new skills.
  • Anthony is the Insurance Coordinator for Mason’s family. He pieced together the paperwork required by the insurance company that showed real progress – the kind that got his therapy approved.

At LittleStar, Families and Their Loved Ones Get Total Support.

We’ve Got
Your Back.

No two individuals with autism are alike, nor are their families. Each needs different levels and kinds of help to maximize their ability to give their child the future he or she deserves. LittleStar is built to offer that kind of support but also go further, advancing the practice of ABA Therapy for autism and being a real advocate on your behalf.

We Advocate for Inclusion.

Making a better reality for those we serve.

  • For every learner, we complete the 6-month plan and our insurance department will help families navigate the insurance process.
  • Socialization, communication, problem behavior? We’ve got you covered, focusing on all symptoms associated with autism.
  • LittleStar is advancing the practice of ABA Therapy for everyone, contributing to the body of research for generations to come.

We Work Together

When we partner with the autism community.

  • At one of our centers, at home or in school, we’ll help. The individuals we serve need the life skills that come from learning everywhere, so we show up wherever we’re needed.
  • You’ll be an active participant in the medically necessary treatment of your child. Our experts will help you make it happen.
  • It’s more than a partnership, it’s total transparency into every facet of your child’s therapy.

Everyone Gets an Individualized Program, Just Like Mason.

Real Progress Happens Every Day, With Effort From Those We Serve, the LittleStar Team and Families

Mason is putting in a lot of work, just like his family and his team of specialists at LittleStar. The great news is that everyone’s effort is paying off. Each day is the building block for tomorrow, and Mason’s tomorrow is as bright as ever.

Driven by Results

ABA Therapy makes a real difference.

  • For more than 60 years, ABA Therapy has shown better progress than any other intervention.
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the US Surgeon General for people with autism.
  • At LittleStar, ABA Therapy is always one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics

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