A day in the life of

ABA Programs
for Adolescents

Ages 11 and up

The following fictional characters represent the typical experiences of adolescents and the staff who serve them.

Mateo Is Making
Progress His Own Way

And his team of board-certified experts are happy to make the journey with him.

It’s a Thursday, and Mateo hasn’t had the easiest of weeks. Despite recent gains in appropriate behavior, today’s afternoon session has ground to a halt. But his afternoon technician, Lisa, is a pro. After several attempts to engage Mateo with his planned therapy, she recognizes his refusal isn’t accompanied by any problem behaviors. She waits calmly with him and then slowly engages him until they’re working on how to ask for a break together.

Real Care

It takes an expert to provide the right care for every individual we serve, every minute of every day. LittleStar makes certain that every team member has what it takes, and gives them an extended team to support Mateo and his family.

Real Advocacy

After trying to navigate the insurance process at another therapy center, Mateo’s parents were shocked – and grateful – when LittleStar put his plan together and submitted it for them.

Real Progress

Mateo’s family and technicians see a lot of progress where others don’t. Today might be a little challenging, but everyone is happy with the last six months.

Fast or Slow, We Make
and Sustain Progress

This Isn‘t the LittleStar Program, or the ABA Program, It’s the Mateo Program.

Mateo’s Morning

Mateo is usually at LittleStar by 8:30 am. His morning technician greets him and waits until he sees off whoever dropped him off in the morning – usually his dad, but his sister comes sometimes on Mondays. Mateo settles in for a morning therapy session before working on having a conversation with another technician and his friends.

Mateo’s Afternoon

One of the six-month goals for Mateo is to participate in a group session, but we’re not quite there yet. Lisa will work with Mateo this and every afternoon until she’s certain he’s ready. She’ll continually evaluate his progress and perform testing to ensure that when the time comes, he’s ready. Today, it’s another one-on-one sessions that ends with some successful requesting from Mateo.

Life at Home

Life at home is evolving. Mateo still engages in some problem behaviors from time to time, but his ability to occasionally ask for things hasn’t gone unnoticed, and his family is really happy for him. Mateo is growing, approaching puberty even, and his family is optimistic that this progress continues and their ability to communicate keeps growing.

The Right Team

Who’s Involved?

  • Lisa, a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), takes data throughout the day and makes daily adjustments to maximize his progress.
  • Mary is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that helped Lisa plan and offers her support and experience to Lisa and the rest of Mateo’s team on a daily basis.
  • Brian is the Clinical Director at Mateo’s center location. He makes sure the entire staff was qualified and has the tools they need to make the day a success.
  • Anthony, a LittleStar Insurance Coordinator, helped Mateo get approved by his insurance company again after his dad changed jobs – and coverage.

The Team You Need to Get Results

We’ve Got
Your Back.

At LittleStar, individuals with autism are our focus, but we know that they succeed when they’ve got a support system around them with the tools to help. If insurance coverage takes a while to get approved, the LittleStar Care Adovacy Progress (CAP) fund may cover therapy with short-term assistance.

We Advocate for You!

The individuals we serve deserve to fulfill their best future. Their families deserve an advocate.

  • A deep understanding of ABA Therapy and what families can do to help
  • Assistance with insurance and other funding

We Work Together

It’s a team effort, all about the individual.

  • A team of board-certified experts will create and execute a medically necessary plan.
  • We adjust as needed, working with families every day, to make sure we stay on track, and continue to monitor data to promote progress.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Little Progress.

Real Progress Happens Every Day, With Effort From the Individuals We Serve, LittleStar and Families

Just like any peer their age, the indivudals we serve are acquiring the skills they need to better their future. With the extra care and attention to progress you get from your LittleStar team, that progress is real and will be maintained.

Driven by Results

ABA Therapy makes a real difference.

  • For more than 60 years, ABA Therapy has shown better progress than any alternative intervention.
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the US Surgeon General for people with autism.
  • At LittleStar, ABA Therapy is always one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics.

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