Conversation with a Big Star for Indiana’s first ABA center


In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, we will feature comments from our Little Star Center Board of Directors. This week’s Q&A is with Dr.Rose Wolflin, who has served on Little Star Center’s Board of Directors since 2007. Wolflin is a senior corporate certified paralegal for J.D. Byrider.

 What makes you most proud about serving on Little Star Center’s Board of Directors? 

The Board of Directors is comprised of interesting, insightful individuals that tremendously care about the services and needs of Little Star.  I am proud to be associated with this open-minded group and most proud of Little Star’s positive impact on the community and our ability to help the children develop and blossom.

During your time as board member, what do you think has been one of Little Star Center’s biggest success stories? 

One of Little Star Center’s biggest success stories has been the improved efficiency and array of services provided in Little Star’s Carmel center and with the expansion to Lafayette and Bloomington.  Little Star’s staffing has been a critical component to this success.  I appreciate and admire the Little Star employees’ dedication and qualifications.

What is one thing you want people to know about individuals with autism?  

One thing I want people to know is that individuals with autism are brilliant and can shine in various settings.

What do you see for the future of autism services in Indiana? Which  areas of service are in need of growth? 

 The future is bright with an increased awareness and understanding.  Educators need to continue to diligently conduct and review case studies and share their findings with policymakers.

How has being a part of LSC impacted you personally? 

 I have an increased appreciation for caregivers and a better understanding of the challenges involved with autism.  I am more aware of societal needs and opportunities.