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Give them the care you know they need to make real progress.

Need a Safe, Proven ABA Therapy Center to Refer Your Patients to?

At non-profit LittleStar, we’re leading the charge to ensure that individuals with autism have access to high-quality ABA services by opening more locations. We’re your partner, too, in ensuring that every diagnosed patient you refer to us receives individual, needs-appropriate care vital for making strides toward the best life possible.

When you make treatment recommendations to your patients’ families, you can offer a message of hope: Intense, early intervention provides the greatest opportunity for successful child development.

Among the Best ABA Therapy in the Business

We want to be that resource of hope for you. As Indiana’s first Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) center, we have top professionals treating each learner with the sensitivity, patience and love they deserve. Our exceptional BCBAs have small caseloads and work at the center and in-home with individuals of all ages and functional levels to realize tremendous outcomes in communication, social and daily living skills. And, we are fierce advocates in fighting health insurance companies on families’ behalves and providing fundraising so everyone gets the full hours of therapy they need to succeed.

Providing Assessments and Referrals

We work with doctors to help make initial diagnoses. Then, we send assessment reports that detail where we are with ABA Therapy and what’s going to come next. You’ll find reauthorizations thoughtful and easy.

Real Care

Each person you refer is surrounded by a specialist team and highly qualified support staff. We treat them as well as you do.

Real Advocacy

LittleStar is one of the nation’s leaders in advancing ABA Therapy, a proven intervention that improves the lives of people with ASD.

Real Progress

The science behind ABA works, and LittleStar has a proven track record of making real progress with our learners.

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