A day in the life of

ABA Programs
for Children

Ages 6 to 10 years

The following fictional characters represent the typical experiences of children and the staff who support them.

Alex is a Lot of Things:
Awesome, Affable, Amazing.

(And that’s just the “A’s”)

Today, Alex’s dad brought him to LittleStar just before 8:30 am. For the past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on communication skills. It’s been going great! Alex knows the day’s schedule before he arrives, and Kristen, his morning Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) greets him at the door.

Real Care

Every one of Alex’s days at the center are carefully planned and adjusted to get the most out of each one in a way that Alex enjoys.

Real Advocacy

LittleStar has set up a program for Alex that is preparing to see him in school, full-time, someday soon. It includes help with in-home therapy, life skills and insurance coverage.

Real Progress

Alex is working with his LittleStar team, individually and in groups, to prepare him for success in many settings, home, school, and the community.

We Work Alongside Families. We Focus on the Individuals We Serve.

Alex’s Program is Built Just for Him and Adjusts With Him.

Alex’s Morning

When Alex is met at the door, his Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), Kristen, has already done a lot of work to figure out what they’ll be working on today. At LittleStar, the team are all empowered to craft therapy that’s as unique as each child. In fact, Kristen spent their first few minutes together with an activity that’s designed to see how much he retained from yesterday so that she can adjust her plans if she needed to.

Today, it looks like Alex is in a good place and she picks up where they left off yesterday.

Alex’s Afternoon

After a good morning together that saw Alex focused and participating, Kristen brings him to a group lunch setting. Alex is getting used to being around other children because LittleStar builds in a lot of group, peer and community time into each child’s program. We’re always planning to make sure the timing is right and prepared to adjust when needed, but these interactions are important to families trying to have slightly more typical experiences in places like grocery stores or restaurants.

Life at Home

Things at home are getting easier. Alex’s parents can work with him to make progress with interacting with his siblings, and it’s been a relief to be able to communicate, even just a little bit. They see that he is a happy boy with a bright future. Progress at the center translates to home.

The Right Team

Who’s Involved?

  • Kristen, his Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) for the morning, gets him settled in and helps him say goodbye to his dad, so they can work together in a focused environment.
  • Anne, his Board Certified Behavior Analytist (BCBA), met Alex’s family when they first came to the center a year and a half ago. Anne has made sure his work place is a comfortable place for progress to happen.
  • Carol, a LittleStar Clinical Director, gave Anne the tools and support she needed to know whether to adjust Alex’s morning therapy session.
  • Anthony, his Insurance Coordinator, helped Alex’s family get approved for therapy.

When the LittleStar team serves as Real Advocates, we demonstrate our high level of engagement, collaboration, and investment in our learners and their families.

Now, You‘ve Got the Help You Need. You Don’t Have to Go it Alone.

We’ve Got
Your Back.

There are so many things that surround an ASD diagnosis. That’s why we give you total support, and why our families feel like they’ve become a part of ours once they’re here.

We Advocate for Your Child

When we work with insurance companies and help you source funding.

  • You’ll meet one of our Insurance Coordinators who will guide you through the process of getting your ABA Therapy covered.
  • Your Family Services Director will direct you toward help with any aspect of your ASD diagnosis.
  • The Care Advocacy Progress (CAP) fund may be available when there is a lapse in insurance coverage.

We Work Together

When we partner with families and our communities.

  • Families are directly involved in the day-to-day of their child’s therapy. We set goals together, and work on the things that are important to you.
  • We provide training to families. We’ll help you understand what you can do at home to make even more progress.
  • LittleStar believes in getting those we serve into safe environments within our Indiana communities. We supervise interactions between peers whenever we believe it’s beneficial.

Every Step Forward is a Building Block, a New Place to Start.

Real Progress Happens Every Day, With Effort From Those We Serve, LittleStar and Families

Like anyone, individuals with autism have good days and challenging days, making progress at their own rates. ABA Therapy creates building blocks that embed progress and builds off previous results, and our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s) know how to turn that foundation into a brighter future.

Driven by Results

ABA Therapy makes a real difference.

  • For more than 60 years, ABA Therapy has shown better progress than any alternative intervention.
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the US Surgeon General for individuals with autism.
  • At LittleStar, ABA Therapy is always one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician.
  • ABA Therapy is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics.

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