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Autism articles & organizations are big stars in Indiana

When a Hoosier family receives an autism diagnosis for their child, their support system expands instantly. A large network of support, information and advocacy is available to empower families to create the best next steps in their child’s development. We are grateful to the many organizations that make it their mission to improve the lives of every individual with autism. Through their efforts, thousands of Hoosiers are living their best lives.

Here are a few of the Big Stars in our autism community who not only offer support to Little Star Center, but to families, schools and businesses throughout Indiana. They are a family’s first resource after receiving an autism diagnosis:

ARC of Indiana assists all individuals with disabilities, connecting them with appropriate services, programs and employment to help them lead richer lives.

Autism Society of Indiana  (ASI) is often the first contact for families who learn about their child’s autism diagnosis. ASI helps parents navigate through the many questions, paperwork and health care issues that arise with an autism diagnosis. They also work to educate the community, business leaders and educators about autism.

Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, funding research into causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism. Autism Speaks also provides funds and support locally to strengthen the lives of Hoosiers with autism.

About Special Kids (ASK) is a “Parent to Parent” organization that works throughout Indiana to answer questions and provide support, information and resources. ASK helps families and professionals understand the various systems that are encountered related to special needs.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism (IRCA) strengthens communities by providing training, consultation and research to support individuals with autism and their families. IRCA is a great resource for families seeking to understand the various treatments for autism, local programs and research.

Answers for Autism (AAI) provides grants to Indiana programs that serve individuals with autism. The volunteer organization sponsors events throughout the year to raise money to fund these grants. The organization’s goal is to increase and broaden public knowledge and awareness about the behaviors, social issues and emotional needs of individuals on the autism spectrum so that all individuals can participate in and contribute to the community without fear or bias or loss of individuality.