Santa Claus, one of his elves, and a reindeer visited Little Star Center at Lafayette on December 14 and Carmel on December 15!  Youngsters shared their wish list with the Man in the Red Suit, had their picture taken with him, and chatted with the Jingle John and the reindeer, Misfit while enjoying a pitch-in of holiday treats.  Olive, the Other Reindeer also joined the festivities (Boston Terrier).

Jingle John said, “This is our second year of visiting Little Star Center in Carmel.  It is the Best!  Misfit, Olive and I had a great time sharing stories about life at the North Pole and what we do the rest of the year.  Rudolph was busy getting ready for Christmas Eve travels and wasn’t able to join us, but he wanted me to be sure to tell everybody how much fun he has landing on rooftops and to be sure he’ll be visiting your home.”

Santa walked around the Motor Room, visiting with the children, hugging those who wanted it, and holding babies.  Learner Ellie Trivedi was quite surprised that Santa knew her name!  “I’ve enjoyed seeing Ellie the past six years I’ve dropped by  Little Star’s Christmas Party in Carmel,” he said.  “She’s a beautiful girl who has become much more comfortable with me as she grows up.  I was pleasantly surprised this year, when she voluntarily sat with me and had her picture taken. “