SRA Language and Reading Workshop

Little Star staff participated in a SRA (Science Research Associates) training for Language for Learning and Reading Mastery recently.

Tim Courtney, Little Star research and training director, said, “We utilize SRA to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders overcome cognitive deficits and therefore have greater success when transitioning back to school settings. SRA offers multiple scripts utilizing direct instruction.  Direct instruction is an evidence-based method to help individuals with various cognitive difficulties.“

Language for Learning is geared for young learners who lack essential language skills for pre-reading success.  It provides practice in vocabulary, a variety of word and sentence forms, and hard to teach concepts such as some/all/none and same/different.

Reading Mastery is intended for older learners requiring additional assistance with decoding and comprehension.  In particular, it covers phonological awareness, phonics/word study, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and writing.