Usborne Books & More Donates $500+ in Books to Little Star!

Little Star Center thanks Wendy Smart, educational consultant with Usborne Books & More, for donating more than $500 in books from recent book fairs, which is great news as Little Star is expanding its teen program and launching the new Early Learner Program!

“We (Usborne Books and Duke Realty) have been conducting these fundraisers for nearly three years now,” said Wendy.  “We sell primarily children’s books at the fairs at various Duke Realty properties during the spring and summer, as well as some parent guides and teen books.  We’ve enjoyed working with Little Star as the beneficiary on several levels.  I most enjoy it when the Little Star learners take a field trip to one of the book fairs and purchase their own books.  It is a good experience for them to learn about exchanging money for an item they want.”  If you are interested in purchasing books, visit