Thank you, Little Star Center for quality ABA services in Bloomington, Indiana

The following comments are from a mom with a newly enrolled learner at our Bloomington location.

As a parent of a child recently enrolled in the Little Star program, I would describe my experience in this process as nothing short of exceptional!

Enrolling your child in an intense therapy program can be extremely stressful for your child, as well as for yourself as the parent, and the other members of your family. Little Star’s staff removed these stresses for all of us.

The staff was professional, knowledgeable, organized, efficient, and, above all, compassionate throughout every phase of this process. They look at your child and their family as individual entities with specific needs and they work with you in order to make it possible for your child to receive these much-needed services.

I had many concerns from previous experiences with other centers and the many challenges facing me as a parent in trying to seek out ABA services for my son. They have worked with me tirelessly and patiently to facilitate services and to meet every need of my son and our family. They are genuinely compassionate and committed to providing the best services to the children and their families! We are forever indebted to this wonderful organization!