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Staff Spotlight: Amanda Jones, Program Manager, Little Star Center Bloomington

amanda-satchwillAmanda has worked at Little Star Center Bloomington for two years. As program manager, she creates and supervises individualized plans for learners on her caseload. Amanda also provides supervision to RBTs and students who will sit for the BCBA exam. Soon, Amanda will have a new title: Mom! She and her husband, Braeden, are expecting their first child, a daughter, this month. Here’s more about Amanda:

What do you most enjoy about your job at Little Star Center Bloomington? I really enjoy developing individualized programming for learners and working as a team in Bloomington. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing learners progress from their first day and hearing the successes that parents see at home.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Never give up and keep trying.

One thing I want people to know and understand about working with children affected by autism is…. Every single learner is different and they have their own interests and strengths. The best part about this job is that every day is a little bit different. Different teaching methods are successful with different learners and what is motivating to a learner one day may not be motivating the next.

What are your favorite activities when not working at Little Star Center? I love to go to auctions, shop at antique stores, and play with my dogs. We have one Australian shepherd, one shih tzu, five walker coon dogs, and one beagle.


Little Star Center Bloomington celebrates a milestone

By Danyl Epperheimer, MS, BCBA
Assistant Clinical Director, Little Star Center Bloomington

On August 5, Little Star Center Bloomington celebrated our first successful transition from our program.

This transition was not expedited by insurance coverage, school, or parents.  The transition occurred because this learner met all of his goals and was successfully transitioning into Kindergarten, indistinguishable from this peers, without engaging in targeted unwanted behaviors identified with autism.  This learner, his parents, and his clinical team at Little Star Center have worked together as a unified team. The family was an integral part of every decision that the Clinical team made.

The progress that he made in two years is remarkable.  The amount of pride that each and every one of us has for this young man and his family cannot be put in to words.  The transition was a showcase of his awesomeness, and the tears were for the love and admiration we will always have for this family.  Congratulations!

Staff Spotlight: Danyl Epperheimer, assistant clinical director, Little Star Center-Bloomington

Danyl has worked at Little Star Center for two years. As assistant clinical director at Little Star Center-Bloomington, Danyl oversees the day-to-day operations at the location. Here’s more information about Danyl:

What do you most enjoy about your job at Little Star Center? Everything!  The kids, my co-workers. I like how the staff continues to strive to be the best in the field.

What are your favorite activities when not working at Little Star Center? Sleep because I never get any!  I also enjoy gardening and spending time with my husband, Tony and daughter, Halei, 11, and my friends. My most favorite activity in the world is to read and cook with Halei.  My daughter is my world.  Anybody who spends any time around me knows about her because I talk about her a lot.

Pets? We have one dog, who is 14 years old, and, yes, he thinks he is human. We also have two birds and a fish.


Little Star Center Opening in Bloomington

Little Star Center is expanding services for families and children affected by autism to Bloomington. The new Little Star Center Bloomington will open spring 2014. Center leaders will begin accepting applications for evaluations for learners and staff in January.

Application Process and Open House
Applications will be accepted from families with children affected by autism in January. A parent information meeting and open house is scheduled for:

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014
4 to 8 p.m.
Terry’s Catering, 3116 Canterbury Drive
Interested families can also email or call for more information.

New Hire Process
At least 10 professionals will be hired for the new facility. Available positions for the Bloomington center are for professionals with education or backgrounds in child psychology, special education, education, speech sciences and child development. Experience with autism or ABA is preferred. Interested professionals can email a cover letter and resume