LittleStar CEO & Advisory Board Member Publish Book

Congratulations to Mary Rosswurm, CEO, and Dennis Reid, LittleStar advisory board member, on the release of their new book.  Written for adult service organizations, the book offers a comprehensive guide on how clinicians, psychologists, and mental health support staff can best assist adults with disabilities in living their desired lifestyle.

Promoting Desired Lifestyles Among Adults with Severe Autism and Intellectual Disabilities: Person Centered Applications of Behavior Analysis uses a person-centered application of behavior analysis. The book provides procedures to help clients overcome challenging behaviors, pursue good relationships, and make good choices, while getting access to all of the support needed.

It provides information on staff training and supervision to insure staff motivation and client happiness. Ultimately, the goal is to allow client choice and personal control over their daily lifestyle.

This new book fills a much needed void in autism training and serves as another example of how LittleStar is focused not just on serving our patients, but also on advancing the field of ABA therapy.