A Fighting Chance: “Be Prepared, Not Scared” – Self Defense Class at Little Star Center

Earlier this month, I hosted a rape prevention class at Little Star Center. The class was attended by LSC staff, moms and friends.

The motto of A Fighting Chance is “Be Prepared; Not Scared.” Marita Bower, the class instructor, and her “bad guy” demonstrated the most common attack scenarios.

They addressed ways to avoid an attack; escape if you can’t avoid it; and survive if you can’t escape. It was an intense four hours, but well worth the time. I came into the class not knowing anything about self-defense and left feeling that I would be able to know what to do if I was in a bad situation. As I work with many young women, I am planning on having another class for staff and moms this summer. If you would like more info on A Fighting Chance, please visit their website as www.AFCselfdefense.com

Mary Rosswurm

Executive Director

Little Star Center, Inc.