Cause for Elegance Art Show

Little Star Center is pleased to announce it was named one of the recipients for the Cause for Elegance art show fundraiser. The event — presented by Studio OTB at Outside the Box — features works of art created by Studio OTB artists based on the recipient’s purpose. Little Star’s mission served as the inspiration for the painting shown here, “Illuminate Hope,” which was created by participants in the Wednesday Art Class.

Lauren Church, studio coordinator, said, “All the artwork created in the studio is a collaborative effort. This particular piece was created by our Studio OTB artists that attend the Wednesday evening art class along with their studio instructors.

“We are so honored that Little Star allowed us to work with them. All the pieces for our annual show turned out beautifully and we had a wonderful turnout, selling most of the paintings. If you are interested in seeing the remaining available pieces, check us out on Facebook.”

Outside the Box provides custom-created services for individuals with developmental disabilities who may not fit into other models of services. Its mission is to empower people with disabilities to be the leaders in their lives and create meaningful days by providing collaborative art experiences for people of all ability levels to connect with the community through creative endeavors.

Studio OTB is the Therapeutic Art Program at Outside the Box. It has its own name, space, and gallery, to create, sell, and teach classes to Outside the Box attendees and to Indianapolis community members. Its art services are open to any and all ability levels of artists interested in learning more about art or for those just wanting to get messy! For more information on Outside the Box, click here.