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Outings reinforce skills for learners at Little Star Center

The goal of our programs at Little Star Center is to make the best use of each learner’s day and teach them the skills needed to be as successful as possible in a daily settings. One of the ways we achieve this goal is through various outings. Little Star Center learners have an opportunity to practice new skills in different settings, including restaurants, parks and the local library. Here are few examples:

Outing to the Indiana State Fair – Some of our Middle Star learners in Carmel practiced using community transportation by riding the train to the Indiana State Fair. They also followed directions on a scavenger hunt, tried new foods/experiences and had many valuable social opportunities.

Sensory Story Time at the Monroe County Public Library – This outing is always a treat for our learners at Little Star Center in Bloomington. Every month, learners have the opportunity to practice their group skills. They worked on attending and responding to a novel group leader, following directions, singing songs, imitating actions as well as listening to a story.  After story time, the learners practiced sharing play sets with one another. One of our learners decided to have some fun. He knows his name quite well decided to be called “Little Guy” when the Story Time leader asked him his name.

Thank you to all community businesses and leaders who have hosted our outings. We hope you’ve enjoyed the experiences as much as our learners have.