Staff Spotlight: Married couples at Little Star Center find work-family balance

Personal relationships in the workplace can be challenging, but the five couples at Little Star Center who mix work and marriage are finding a healthy balance. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, two of our couples share their stories of work-family balance.

Casey and Maggie Moore and their two children.

Casey and Maggie Moore, married five years. Casey is program and clinical project specialist in Carmel and Maggie is clinical director of the early learner program in Carmel.

It’s safe to say Little Star Center sealed the deal for Casey and Maggie. He proposed after they both accepted job offers to work in Carmel six years ago. The couple, who met in a research methods class at Western Michigan University, has worked together in various jobs for nearly 17 years, much longer than they’ve been a couple. Their long history of jobs together, in addition to their roles in different programs at Little Star Center, makes their working relationship a little easier. Maggie cites a major perk of working together is that she can leave the driving to Casey each day.

When away from work, Casey and Maggie love quality time with their two children and enjoy the outdoors. They are training together for their first half marathon this summer.

Taylor and Kerri Butts, married five years. 
Taylor is a Middle Star trainer in Carmel and Kerri is a scheduler for the Early Learner and In Home programs in Carmel.

Taylor and Kerri Butts have fun with their son.

Taylor and Kerri, high school sweethearts, have known each other for 13 years. This Valentine’s Day will be extra special because the couple is expecting their second child! Kerri says working in the same location as her husband while pregnant is an extra perk because, “if anything were to happen, I know exactly how to get a hold of him.”

Although the couple works in different programs at Little Star Center, they find time to check in on each other, especially on tough days.

Away from work, Taylor and Kerri keep talk about their jobs to a minimum and find joy in family time with their son, playing board games and training together for marathons.