A day in the life of

ABA Programs
for Young Adults

Ages 19+

The following fictional characters represent the typical experiences of learners and staff.

Grace Is Finding Her Way, Just Like Every Young Adult

It took Grace until her latest teenage years to be diagnosed with ASD. Once she and her family agreed to seek some kind of intervention – a treatment or therapy – they quickly found that there weren’t as many options for young adults as there were around the state for young children.

She arrives in the afternoon at LittleStar for a half-day at the center, working with an experienced team that developed a therapy program just for her.

Real Care

LittleStar is one of the few ABA Therapy Centers in the world with the expertise to craft a course of action for young adults and carry it out.

Real Advocacy

Once Grace has developed some of the skills she’ll need, a LittleStar advocate will help place her in a job that’s suited to her abilities and needs.

Real Progress

Now that Grace and her mom understand more about ASD, they set goals together with her program manager, who creates a program just for her and measures her progress every day.

Just Like Our Learners, We’re in It for the Long Run

Grace and Her Family Set
the Goals

Grace’s Morning

Grace spent the morning working on an assignment for the class she’s taking online. Her mom discussed some of the difficulties she’s had finding sources for a paper that’s due next week and whether she likes the class or if they should look for something else to take instead.

Grace’s Afternoon

This is one of three weekdays that Grace will spend with Sandra, her therapist at LittleStar. Like all therapists at LittleStar, Sandra is board-certified. She knows to ask Grace and her mom about what they want to accomplish, and Grace’s mom brings up their conversation from the morning. Sandra makes a note to alter the last 30 minutes of the day if progress allows, to help Grace start developing some research skills for her class.

Life at Home

After a long and, at times, frustrating journey to her ASD diagnosis, things at home have improved. Grace and her mom are developing a communication that’s more beneficial for both of them, and that has encouraged them both to work even harder.

The Right Team

Who’s Involved?

  • Sandra, a registered behavior technician, has been working with Grace for all of her therapy sessions.
  • Sarah, her Program Manager, made sure the center had a comfortable space for Grace and the right experts on staff to work with young adults.
  • Henry, her Clinical Director, worked with Sandra to design her therapy based on her goals. In a few months, Henry and Sandra will meet again to plan the next six months together.
  • Anthony, her Insurance Coordinator took Sandra and Henry’s plan to the insurance company so Grace’s mom didn’t have to.

The favorite part of my day is seeing the daily and on-going progress of each of our learners. As they acquire skills or approximations to skills, it is exciting and fulfilling to witness.

We Help You Find
the Right Fit

We’ve Got
Your Back.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed or still looking to make progress years after, LittleStar knows what it takes to help young adults. That means helping families set goals, tackle insurance issues, and even find job placements for our learners.

We Fight for Inclusion.

Our adult learners are treated with the respect they deserve.

  • Inclusion means addressing the adult first, autism second, not the other way around.
  • Inclusion means helping our learners be a bigger part of the world around them, with more independence and respect.
  • Inclusion means working with learners of any age who want to make progress.

We Work Together

Our young adult learners help us set goals and give us the kind of feedback that no other age group can.

  • Learners help set their own goals, along with their families, and a team of experienced, board-certified specialists will make a plan to get there.
  • The young adult learners provide us with the unique kind of feedback that no other age group can, and we love working with them to help tailor things to their needs.

Progress Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date

Our Young Adult Learners Are Some of Our Hardest Workers

Progress for Grace is uniquely hers, and that’s why her therapy team updates their approach, every session, every day. Only at LittleStar will you find a completely board-certified network of support with the expertise it takes to help adult learners make the progress they desire.

Driven by Results

ABA Therapy makes a real difference.

  • You’ll meet one of our Insurance Coordinators who will guide you through the process of getting your ABA Therapy covered.
  • Your Family Services Director will direct you toward help with any aspect of your ASD diagnosis.
  • The LittleStar CAP Fund is available for families experiencing a lapse in coverage, and more than half of our families rely on it at some point.

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