Little Star Center staff shares their thoughts about autism for Autism Awareness Month

During Autism Awareness Month, members of Little Star Center’s staff shared their thoughts about autism by completing the sentence, “One thing I want people to know about autism is ……..” Here’s what they shared:

“…that it does not mean a child’s life cannot have meaning.” ~ Shelly

“…the prevalence rate is 1 in 68 people.” ~ Taylor

“…that a diagnosis does not define a person.” ~ Angela

“…it is not an excuse for poor behavior.” ~ Mary

” …that each child is unique and has their own personality.” ~ Shaina

“…kids with autism grow up to be adults with autism and older adults with autism. Transition planning is crucial.” ~ Lindsay B

“….ABA helps individuals across the entire spectrum to maximize their independence, fulfillment, and enjoyment of their life.” ~ Tim

“…that autism is a spectrum and not all children with ASD are the same.” ~ Victoria

“…if you’ve met one person with autism…you’ve met one person with autism!” ~ Vince

“…that it doesn’t always make you anti-social, doesn’t make you quiet, doesn’t make you a math-genius, and it doesn’t make you unable to speak.  Just like anyone off the spectrum, people diagnosed with autism come in all shapes and sizes and have their own unique interests and skills that make them wonderfully interesting individuals.” ~ Casey

“…everyone can learn, we just may need to change the way we teach.” ~ Amanda

“… is a neurological or biological disorder.  It is not a psychological condition.” ~ Carrie

“….it is not a limiting diagnosis.” ~ Meg

“…..autism is not just one thing.” ~ Beth

“….it’s a spectrum disorder therefore each case is different; each child displays different strengthens and challenges.” ~ Brooke

“….that not all kids with autism are non-vocal, in fact a lot of kiddos with autism are very vocal.” ~ Kaitlyn

“…communication comes in many forms.” ~ Kasey

“…that every kid has a unique way of learning.” ~ Jackie

“…even if they cannot speak, they are still listening!” ~ Ashley