Little Star is proud to announce it has hung a custom-made mosaic of its logo made of LEGOS® in the front lobby of the Middle Star Center in Carmel!   The wall hanging will greet visitors at the Middle Star facility inside the reception area.

“I’m excited for this idea to come to fruition,” said Mary Rosswurm, executive director of Little Star Center. “The possibility of seeing our logo made of LEGOS® crossed my mind a year or so ago; but, it was pushed to the back burner.  We came across Indiana LEGO® Users Group (IndyLUG) recently and asked David Gregory to create this special piece of art.  He left part of the sign unfinished so our learners would have the opportunity to help complete the project.”

Gregory said, “IndyLUG is an adult LEGO® fan club of about 25 members.  It was founded in 2001 so adult fans of LEGO® in the Indianapolis area would have a group to share ideas and display group layouts.  Our members create a wide variety of things from LEGOS®.  Different members have different areas of expertise.  Some of us build mosaics, while others build robots, trains, sculptures, space stations or anything else we can dream up.”

The project took three weeks from start to finish and began with a preliminary image of the logo at the desired size using the program, PicToBrick. Gregory modified the image so it would look like Little Star’s actual logo. “Then,” he said, “I made a trip to the LEGO® store at Castleton Square Mall, my favorite thing!”  The process included attaching baseplates to a melamine backer board, printing out instruction sheets for each baseplate per the PicToBrick program, then building the piece beginning with the blue words, Little Star man, and stars. Next, he built the yellow outline and filled everything else in white.

“I was excited to learn that Little Star posted a view of the mosaic on its Facebook page as the cover photo,” said Gregory.  “I’ve been sending the link to all my friends, telling them that Little Star made my LEGO® mosaic its cover photo!  This is the largest logo our group has ever attempted to make.”