If you give a kid a cookie…

An awesome little guy who attends Little Star Center sat across from me at lunch today. He excitedly dumped the contents of his lunch bag onto the table and dug through the chicken chunks, fruit cup, cheese, bread and juice box until he found a bag of four chocolate chip cookies. He emptied the bag onto his empty plate and began to eat them. May your day also be a day of dessert first!

Annual Holiday Party – Reindeer and all!

It’s the season to be jolly, when we gather together to celebrate with our nearest and dearest!  I love parties, it’s no news.  I love attending them, hosting them and even hearing about them – so I thought you might too!

Little Star hosted it’s annual holiday party on Saturday.  Over 130 people were in attendance including LSC parents, kids, siblings, staff and their families.  Santa Claus came by and the kids were sitting on his lap, telling him their lists (I did, too!).

Also, in attendance were a couple of his reindeer – the kids loved petting them and feeding them carrots and apples.  Attendees ate great food, met other families and watched the kids play.  It was a great time and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Happy Holidays to everyone and feel free to stop by my office and tell me about your parties – again, I love parties!