At the Golden K

The Carmel Golden K Kiwanis Club invited Little Star to their recent meeting so they might learn more about the center’s mission.  Jim Burnett, a program planner with the club, said, “Mary Rosswurm painted a picture of the many variations that autism takes and the variety of approaches that Little Star Center takes in working with their learners.  She touched on the many disciplines that are used in their treatment and the skill level required.  Her presentation gave our members a new appreciation of autism and the value that Little Star provides to our community.  We greatly appreciated her taking the time to visit with us.”

Like all Kiwanis Clubs, the group raises funds to support its endeavors.  This weekend, December 8, the Golden K Woodshop is selling beautiful handcrafted items at a holiday gift bazaar at New Horizons United Methodist Church, 611 E. 53rd Street, Anderson, IN.  The treasure includes step stools, pull toys, a train set, candlestick holder, bottle stoppers, cutting boards, trivets, puzzles, bowls, and building blocks.

“I had my eye on a bowl that is made of many varieties of wood,” said Mary.  “It was a lovely piece.”

The Golden K is one of two Kiwanis Clubs in Carmel.  Like most clubs in Indiana, it raises money for Riley Hospital.  They also participate in a long-term project, ELIMINATE, that provides vaccinations for maternal/neonatal tetanus, which kills many babies in countries with poor sanitation during birthing.  The club sponsors a Key Club at Westfield High School (focusing on leadership and community service), supports the Carmel High School Robotics team/club and an Aktion Club at the Janus Developmental Services center (focusing on leadership and self-confidence through giving back by those with developmental issues) in Noblesville, and awards two scholarships annually to graduating high school seniors.